SANK! is what happens when four artists come together and collaborate to find inspiration and strenght from working together once in a while. SANK! consists of artists Anna Orton, Kathryn Briggs, Nicole Bennett and Susanne Lund Pangrazio. Our first project was launched in spring 2014; SANK! Playing Cards.

SANK! Playing Cards

SANK! Playing Cards is a limited edition deck of playing cards, each artist re-addressing a suit; in addition the deck includes two Jokers all four ladies worked on together. 54 works of art you can play with. It is published through Ess Publications.

SANK! At Face Value

Our second project was called At Face Value and was created in 2015. This project took us on tour to Sweden to exhibit and hold a community workshop in Bittans Galleri in Tolita, Värmland. In the workshop the visitors could help us to make one or more cards each and together we created Tolita’s own village deck. This project was made possible through funding from Dundee Visual Arts Award.